100 Faces Project Faces 8-10

Drawing is such a mind-opening and peaceful practice. On this particular day I was battling some of my own anxieties and demons. I think some of my emotions came out in the faces of my characters, and in some way these faces absorbed much of my confusion and unhappiness in the moment, leaving me feeling re-invigorated and ready to face the world.

Tools you need:

  • Patterned paper. I used card stock designed for scrap-booking, but anything will work here – think origami paper, patterned napkin, interesting placemat from that interesting restaurant you ate at. I’m travelling and I can’t be choosy! However, I brought these papers away with me.
  • Any media you like – I used oil pastels, calligraphy ink and drawing pencils for these 3 faces


Peaceful Prisoner – or hairy monk (face #8)

100 faces art project - Anna McPhee


This guy was my first attempt at drawing a man. He was an evolution in process, constantly changing form and shape. I think emotionally I was a bit confused when I put this together, but I followed my instinct and just went with the flow of things.

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I used no reference for this face, like a lot of drawings recently I am creating them from my imagination.

My aim for this piece was a strong desire to layer light colours over a dark patterned background. As you can somewhat make out, the pattern on this paper was a very dark brown/black, with brown and gold flecked butterflies.

This is done using entirely oil pastels on top of dark patterned card stock. His peaceful expression reminded me of the monks around Chiang Mai where I am currently based, so I began to colour his ‘robe’ in orange.

Unlike a monk, however, he has a big dark mop of hair, which in combination with the orange clothing, can make him appear like a prisoner also, I am undecided which he is.

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Angry blonde (face #9)

DSCN3034 It wasn’t until a while after I finished this woman that I realised she is a hybrid of my face #1, blue girl, and the blonde lady of face #6.  She exhibits features of both these characters, yet none of her own.

She began as an angelic-looking oval face figure filled in with translucent peach oil pastel over top of an equally angelic looking piece of pale card stock printed with cold leaves and butterflies.

I imagined she would become an angel of some sorts, who knows – maybe she still is.

I scribbled in some golden hair, in classic angel style, but wasn’t sure where to go next.  I pulled out my thin eyedropper and outlined her with ink, put stripes in her hair and gave her pursed lips and thick defined eyebrows.

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I layered her locks with varying shades of yellow, orange and white, and finished off her cheeks with an oil pastel blusher. End result? Rather angry looking, and certainly a direct descendant of faces 1 and 6. But, I am pleased all the same.


Gentle Monk (face #10)

DSCN3036After my experience of face #7 somewhat resembling a monk, this time I decided to practice my face proportions, and whipped up a sketch of a monk, trying to use the proportions for a face I recently learnt.

The background is a pale and medium pink pattern card stock that gives it a very gentle presence.

This face reminds me that I have been creating a lot from my imagination recently, which is a wonderful thing – but maybe it’s time to draw some real faces & practice my proportions.




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