5 Wanderlust Pinterest Accounts

( for a Serious Dose of Wanderlust)

Pinterest is the ultimate designation when it comes to getting lost in delicious eye candy. Whether your holiday planning or simply daydreaming, Pinterest is a great stopover to check out some new places, or maybe some old ones in a new light. I don’t know about you, but scrolling through endless vistas of exotic locations is my idea of a guilty pleasure.

In fact, I find myself so completely absorbed in Pinterest that I could easily loose hours (or perhaps even days) falling deeper and deeper into a massive hole of drooling, wanderlusting procrastination.

In this article I’m going to introduce you to 5 of my favourite Pinterest Acccounts for a serious dose of wanderlust, just in case you feel like joining me in one of my favourite hobbies. Did I miss a good one? I’d love to know what your favourites are! So jump in on the comments at the bottom.

1. Robin Evans

Robin has endless travel boards for so many different countries that my mouth was watering. Hawaii ~ The Aloha State, Greece ~ HellasAlaska ~ The Last Frontier, and even my own home country, New Zealand ~ Land of The Long White Cloud. And seriously – there are so, so many more… 168 boards more, in fact. I could loose myself for months in the wanderlust that these gorgeous boards inspire.

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Robin Evans Pinterest

2. Gala Darling


I’ve been following Gala Darling’s blogging journey since I was in my early 20’s. I especially love her i <2 NY and Wanderlist boards. She’s pretty inspirational, and a fellow Kiwi who relocated to New York. One of her drool-worthy talents is curating stunning pictures, and seeing as travel is one of her passions (and New York City the other!) it makes for some serious wanderlust-worthy imagery. I particularly love her i <3 NY board, but also check out her wanderlist while you’re at it!

Gala Darling Pinterest

3.Jennifer Chong

Jennifer is an LA based Photographer with 1.9mil followers- so clearly she must be doing something right! Her wanderlust board is titled ‘If I haven’t been there I want to go. All the places I want to visit.’ and she does an excellent job of capturing the essence of many exotic lands all across the globe.


Screen Shot 2016 11 02 at 10 47 29 PM

4. Anna Mcphee @annamcphee3

Anna McPhee Intreped Real Food Adventure

I know, I know .. a little bit cheeky! But I love pinning gorgeous wanderlust-worthy images into my Pinterest account and thought it’d be fun to share that here. In fact, a few years back I even won a competition thanks to my Intrepid Real Food Adventures board. I then shared the journey of my expenses-paid competition trip on my Mexico-a-go-go shared board! It was an amazing adventure (here’s the blog post for it..). I also love to pin places I want to go, as well as my own photos, on my wanderlust board.

5. #LoveMyCity by @Shenola

What do you love about your city? On the #LoveMyCity Pinterest board that Detroit-based Shenola have set up, users share their favourite things about the city they live and love. Some of these answers get me on the edge of my seat.. curious for more! What do you think?? Some of my favourites..

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‘Venice is full of gorgeous secret gardens’ 

‘I highly recommend going on a sunrise run along the waterfront. Overseeing the sun hitting Portland is a pretty amazing sight’

‘Quiet afternoons by the canal, watching time go by.’ (London)

Take a look for yourself, if you’re anything like me it will get you thinking of the things you love about your own city! Which is a pretty nice feeling. For me personally, I’m about to return to my hometown for the first time in 2 years and I’m most looking forward to all the beautiful parks to explore the springtime flowers, my favourite ever Souvlaki joint and being so close to nature and outdoor sports again.


What do you like most about your city? Comment below and let me know!

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