Bamboo Garden & The Key to Outstanding Customer Service

Flashy it is not. In fact, most of the signage could really do with a splash of paint and a copywriter (or at least a spell checker), and the whole place could do with a re-decorator.  With only 3 chairs there’s a fair chance you are going to be waiting on your feet, but waiting is what you will do here – alongside a packed-full room of hungry locals.

Bamboo Garden Takeaways in West Auckland is a fantastic example of what is truly important when it comes to getting those return customers. They get what it’s all about, and they know the real secret to making customers for life.

You will find this small take-out eatery nestled among a couple of stores on a busy road, in an average neighbourhood. Other than the busy waiting room & delectable smells wafting out, you probably wouldn’t notice it even if you drove past every day. The traditional tactics of expensive marketing have been swept aside, yet business couldn’t be better.

Bamboo Garden Takeaways West Auckland - Jetsetting & Living Well

Exceptional Product

Generally speaking, I enjoy eating healthful foods.  I often have a plethora of unusual dietary requests with my orders, and I’m sure I can be quite a complicated customer. I love the idea of a roast dinner on the go, but unfortunately my experiences of such a thing in Auckland often comprise of a pile of deep fried potatoes and meat smothered in a thick, fatty gravy.  Deep fried potatoes and gravy hold a place close to my heart – but more often than not I am after something a little less coronary-inducing.

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Bamboo garden, provide a refreshing take on the Sunday Roast – piled high with a variety of colourful vegetables; think sweet golden pumpkin and vibrant red beetroot. This is one convenience stop that isn’t going to load you up on grease and leave you feeling sluggish and lethargic. The roasted meat selection is abundant and delicious, even a small is piled high and topped off with whatever trimmings you like: lamb with mint sauce, roast beef with horse-radish or whatever combination of flavours you fancy.

The selection doesn’t end at roast dinners – there is also a variety of options to please the whole family from Chinese dishes & dumplings, through to the kiwi classic of a good ole paper wrapped packaged of fish ‘n chips.

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Even Better Service

Having an excellent product is an important, and often overlooked step in a successful business, but there is a lot to be said about the delivery of what you sell.  Combining a great product with even better service is the golden key to a small business, especially one in the food & service industries.

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Bamboo Garden get this right – oh, so right.

We came upon this spot by chance one Easter Sunday, when many of the shops in Auckland are closed. We stopped by with a rather difficult series of orders, to match a number of complicated diets. The lady who served us took it in her stride, with a wonderful positive attitude and a smile on her face, she did all she could do to assist. The attention to detail of this woman wasn’t fully realised until a number of months later, when we decided to visit the shop again, within moments she recognised us – with a smile on her face she recalled what it was we did and didn’t eat, and asked how we had been, much like an old friend would.

From what has now become a weekly dinner stop, I have noticed she gets to know all of her customers in this way. The attention to detail is impressive, and the personal touch is much appreciated.

Treating your customers like you appreciate them, like you would a friend – is what motivates people to come back, even if they have since moved to the other side of town. This is the key to customer service that Bamboo Garden have mastered.

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Getting there: Bamboo Garden is located at 82 Titirangi Road, on the straight stretch before you head up the hill to Titirangi Village. It is a comfortable walk from the Fruitvale train station, or there is plenty of parking out front.  It is definitely a take-out establishment, so don’t expect to dine-in. There is one small table that could be used to eat during the quit periods, but it is usually filled with people waiting for their orders.

What to order? I get the roast – but alternate between which meat, they are all delectable; a small is still definitely enough for one! generous portion sizes. chicken, beef, lamb or pork. all the trimmings – mint sauce, horseradish. If you are looking for a slight more Asian influence, the Wonton soup comes highly recommended.

 Top Tip: Around dinner time it can get very busy, and the wait times can be a little longer. Call in advance on (09) 827 3756 to place your order and have it ready to pick up when you arrive.

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