Update: On Becoming a Freelancer

Scribbling stories away in exercise books at the age of four, stories about cartoon characters, superheroes and my mother (Who is very similar to a super hero in fact!), counting down on my fingers and toes until the day I would turn five and get to start school. Fast forward 24 years .. I’m still here, with a selection of notebooks in my handbag, my bedroom, my car.. all full of scribbles and notes; thoughts and ideas.

It even surprised me that I have only just decided I would like to write as a profession. Let me re-phrase that – I have only just decided that I CAN write as a profession, I’ve wanted to write for a long time but disgusting things like self-doubt and self-consciousness have always gotten in the way.

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Through personal adventures, note taking, asking lots of questions, writing essays for university and practicing, my writing skills have improved. I do not believe that being a slightly better writer is what has changed this into a viable profession for me though. No, I believe the difference lies in how I see myself, and my possibilities, and if there is even a single person out there who reads this and tells them self ‘Oh, I’ve always wanted to be a writer/painter/musician/etc but I’m just not good enough’..please hear me when I say that it DOES NOT MATTER! Not at all, not one bit. Just try, get yourself out there and do it.

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So, where am I up to so far? How is becoming a freelancer working out for me?

Really well actually.  Here is where I’m at:

  • I’ve got a full-time job where part of my job description involves writing (copy writing for adverts & marketing materials)
  • I am learning a TON – working through the freelance writers den boot camps as well as listening to pod casts when I drive (looking for more time in the day? I highly recommend switching the music off for your daily commute and listening to something educational!)
  • I am almost complete in setting up my writers website/portfolio, which is an exciting step
  • I am writing & online/social media marketing voluntarily for a local theatre – it is a lot of fun, and completely fascinating, not to mention all the wonderful & helpful contacts I am making.
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And, of course – posting here at Jet Setting & Living Well.

Thank you to everybody reading, it is a really fantastic journey I’m on right now, and I love the appreciation & support!


5 thoughts on “Update: On Becoming a Freelancer

    • Anna Post authorReply

      Thank you Hanne! It’s lovely to connect with other freelancer, it can be such a struggle in the beginning, but amazing once it works out.
      I hope freelancing is going well for you too,

      Anna recently posted…How I Became a Freelance WriterMy Profile

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