Penang is home to a vast number of derelict yet delightful colonial buildings

Overland Asia Diary #3 Revisiting Penang

Georgetown is like nowhere else on earth, well at least not like I have ever seen. A scorching hot mishmash of cultures, flavours, smells and architecture. The place where a British colonial past meets traditional Malay, Muslim, Indian and Hokkien. A big, busy city on a tiny, tropical island. Or, as more people know it, […]

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Reasons I LOVED Living in Penang (& you will too!) | The Freelance Explorer image 2

Reasons I LOVED Living in Penang (& you will too!)

Have you been contemplating a visit, or perhaps even living in Penang, Malaysia? In this excerpt from my latest travel guide, ‘A Nomad’s Guide to Living in Penang’ I will introduce you to the basics of this delicious island state. Simply the word Penang conjures up images of fiery laska and plates laden with Char […]

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Johor Bahru | The Freelance Explorer

Johor Bahru

This is a short piece of observational writing from our short time spent in Johor Bahru in April this year. It was our final Malaysian stop before heading back to New Zealand for a couple of months. The heaving bus shuddered as streaks of lightning fissured above us. My nausea was momentarily eased by the […]

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