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Zambujeira do Mar: 5 Portuguese Hidden Hotspots you’ve probably never heard of. Aveiro, Porto, Zambujeira do Mar, Evora, Sagres

5 Portuguese Hidden Hotspots you’ve probably never heard of

Right – so you’ve heard of Portugal. Good start. But can you find it on a map? Chances are if you’re from the Southern Hemisphere, like me, you may have struggled with that one. British? Well you’ve probably got a head start – the Portuguese Algarve coast is British party vacation central. However, the party destinations of Faro and Lagos are truly not even the tip of the iceberg of what Portugal has to offer.

Of all the countries I’ve visited in my life (and that number keeps on growin!) Portugal remains one that holds a special place in my heart. It also seems to be the country I get asked about the most. It’s new on many people’s radars, and is one of those rare destinations that can offer you a truly European expedition without the hefty price tag of countries further North.

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