Nighttime streetviews in Chengdu, China

Overland Asia Diary #7: The Mysteries of Chinese Airlines

Despite many years of working in the airline industry, the unique and often baffling rules of airlines will never fail to surprise me. On arrival into Bangkok airport we were told, in no uncertain terms, that we were to pay another five thousand baht in overweight baggage fees. I checked our ticket, then again the […]

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Khlong boat station

Overland Asia Diary #6 The Khlongs of Bangkok

Bangkok: Smoky, greasy, street food vendors; Endless nightlife, neon signs, flashing billboards; Towering skyscrapers, space-age technology, skytrains and crowded metros. Endless nightclubs, sex tourism, party central, A city that never sleeps. Whatever your preconceptions and experiences of Bangkok are, the city was a hell of a lot different way-back-when. A land of floating markets and […]

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Exploring the most spectacular of beaches in Ao Nang Photo by Flo

Overland Asia Diary #5 Ao Nang, Krabi

As we departed the Phuket region of Southern Thailand, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d been grossly mistaken about this entire corner of the world. So far, nothing in Southern Thailand had been as expected. Even the 6 hour bus journey, which I would usually dread, was deliciously scenic & suspiciously comfortable. Finding the right […]

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