Chiang Mai Apartment Review: Riverside Condo

After a month spent in Chiang Mai’s happening Nimmanhaemin suburb, our one month lease came to an end and it was time to move on. We were looking for something a little less Westernised, and after lots of careful researching, we found our perfect haven within the Riverside condo complex.

Riverside Condo shares many things in common with our previous condo in Chiang Mai (Hillside 4)

Pro’s of Riverside Condo

  • Great local flavour: Nong Hoi is a great location to experience local Chiang Mai culture. Street vendors set up right outside the apartment each night hawking a variety of local Thai favourites. Just a few minutes down the road is the Nong Hoi market, full of people selling produce, grocery and a variety of delicious foods.
  • Swimming Pool: The swimming pool is a good size and has been positioned on a really sunny side of the building. It is an excellent place to lounge in the sun, overlooking the river. It can get pretty busy with residents going for a dip though!
  • Large rooms: The studios are 45sqm, although the balcony is small the shape of the room really gives them a spacious feel. Much like most Chiang Mai apartments, the rooms are renovated and fitted individually by the owners. This means they are all different. Our studio had a bathtub and kitchen, but they do vary.
  • Close to Western Comforts too: Although the area is very local and far less westernised, riverside is situated right next to a large Holiday Inn hotel which has a great coffee lounge/bar (with wifi) and a range of delicious (albeit pricey) a la cart offerings and buffet meals.
  • Things on site: Although there is no gym or convenience store at this one, the riverside complex houses a reception as well as a great laundry service.
  • Things nearby: Just outside Riverside is a variety of handy stores and stalls – a 24 hour convenience store, very cheap clothing and shoe repairs, great massages and loads of different places to eat.

Con’s of Riverside condo

  • Annoying Elevators: Despite boasting 4 elevators, they don’t run on any kind of schedule and more often than not many at least one (if not three) of them are out of service
  • A bit out of the way: You could walk into the old city in about 30 minutes, but expect to pay more for a tuk tuk than you might be used to.  It’s not an easy walk to any of the co-working spaces I know of, so it may pay to rent a bike.
  • No on-site gym: There is no gym, however there is one at the Holiday Inn next door you can use (for a fairly hefty membership price however)
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Things to know about Riverside Condo

  • You can rent through an agent: We rented our condo through Joy (see her page here). The website we’ve found to be rather out-dated with old information, however Joy is super helpful and a great landlord. We had a fantastic experience renting through her.
  • You can get internet through Sinet: Sinet will connect high speed internet straight into your apartment, just ask at the reception and they will help you set it up. You pay a connection fee, then a monthly rate depending on how fast you want it. You don’t have to sign up for any minimum contract time either, just run it month by month. We found this the fastest internet we experienced anywhere in Asia.
  • You can get water refilled: Just pop down to reception during business hours and ask for water. You pay a (small) deposit and they will provide you with a crate of water filled bottles. When you are finished, simply swap the crate there for a whole new tray of fresh water. Don’t want to carry it? Security will bring it up to your room for a 10baht tip.
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The Cost of Living in Riverside

The prices vary as different configurations are available (Studio, 2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom etc), as well as a price variance between different landlords as well as the reception managed apartments.

We paid 14,000 baht per month for a 45sqm studio, rented privately through an owner. It had a kitchen, so we were sold. There were cheaper apartments for rent at the time for around 10,000 and 12,000.

Overall Opinion

Living here was wonderful. We had an amazing setup with our high speed internet and swimming pool as well as a nice blend of amazing local food and western comforts. I would recommend living here to anybody on the lookout for somewhere.

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I hope this review was helpful, if you want to ask me any questions about my time spent living in Riverside, or in fact anywhere else I’ve been – please email away or leave a comment for me here.


One thought on “Chiang Mai Apartment Review: Riverside Condo

  1. Will-o-the-Wisp Reply

    Hi Anna
    I read your comments on both Riverside and Hillside and found them both full of good information with an emphasis on the personal touch.
    Particularly interested in your comments on Sinet as I’m considering signing up.
    Thanks for taking the trouble and glad you had such a positive experience in both of these buildings.
    Indeed Hillside is now in the prime location in town IMO and Riverside has it’s own location advantage being on the river and close to major arteries even though a few more (pleasant) minutes from the “centre” of town.

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