Explore The Elements – Travel Photoblogging Challenge

 The Thomas Cook Explore the Elements photo blogging challenge is all about capturing and expressing the four elements through travel photography.

It is about creative understanding of the elements – my ‘fire’ image is not a photo of fire, per se.  However, I have given my explanations as to why I selected each photo, so I invite you to read into each image a little further than you might normally. 


Represents the energetic, forceful, moving things in the world Associated with security, motivation, desire, intention, and an outgoing spirit.

Not much is more energetic and forceful in this world than religion and spirituality – a force beyond our comprehension that fuels our sense of security and intention, beliefs based on the origins and movement of energy itself. This image portrays a desperate urge to believe, a small temple and house for the spirits, full of burnt out incense and the ashes of flaming sacrifices to the gods.



Represents the fluid, flowing, formless things in the world Associated with emotion, defensiveness, adaptability, flexibility, suppleness, and magnetism.

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In Buddhist thought, the growth of the lotus flower signifies the progress of the soul from the primeval mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, and into the bright sunshine of enlightenment . It possesses an amazing adaptability, and ability to flourish in a variety of environments ranging from clear ponds to muddy swamps. An apt metaphor for those things in life that are formless and flowing.



Represents the hard, solid objects of the earth Associated with stubbornness, collectiveness , physicality and gravity.

To understand the mechanism of a waterfall, you must first understand gravity as well as geology – the study of earth itself.  Over time, as the water stubbornly courses away at the soft rock and earth beneath it, a waterfall is gradually formed. I chose this image as to me, this scene of the earth and rocks being slowly shaped and pulled, the collectiveness of rocks, earth and water, the huge physicality of it all –  tells the description of the earth element, not water.

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Represents things that grow, expand, and enjoy freedom of movement Associated with will, elusiveness, evasiveness, benevolence, compassion, and wisdom.

In this image the flourishing smoke of the incense symbolises elusiveness & formless freedom of movement. Compassion, benevolence conveyed by the shrine, prayers of smoke and blessed flower petals to bring strength and wisdom to it’s believers.


Before I begin, it is part of the conditions that I nominate: 5 bloggers. Sorry for the short notice fellow bloggers, you have 2 days left to get in on it!

Jake at mentalphase @mentalphase
Lucy at wanderluce @wanderluceblog
Ryan at ryancocks @theryancocks
Gordon & Paula at contentedtraveler @gordyandpaula
Vanessa at turnipseedtravel @turnipseeds

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