From Leela to Lesvos: The Next Chapter Begins

I have been transitioning between two polarities this weekend, via a few days to settle and re-balance myself in London. From a safe bubble-like space of meditation, structure, schedules and safety-nets to a completely different world – one where I will be responsible for my own time management, schedules, finances as well as providing (rather than receiving) support and care to numerous others.

From a large, cozy house in the Dorset countryside to the unknown. A Greek Island off the coast of Turkey, steeped in mythology and history yet drowned in souls seeking asylum. New faces and experiences await me, that I am sure.

Having come from a space of self development and personal growth, London was a series of welcome overwhelms. Sitting on the subway I noticed I was the only person in the carriage not on a phone, the only person sitting in awareness. I wondered if perhaps I was the only one to really smell the orange being carelessly peeled by the passenger next to me. Learning mindfulness at even the most mundane times has become a gift in my life, something I have honed further the past few months and that I hope will serve me well in the more difficult landscape of Lesvos.

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I have spent the last few weeks preparing. Just as much a mental & emotional preparation as a practical one. The more I read, the more I learn about where I am heading the stronger the pull feels to get there. So much is happening in each moment, and this situation has been escalating for a long time now.  As over a thousand refugees land on Lesvos each day, I am looking forward to joining them soon and providing whatever help and support I can.

Part of my mission into Greece is to help build some awareness across the globe. So many people have no idea how significant this crisis is, how huge and consuming, not to mention how long it’s been going on. As well as providing real help & support on the ground, I also have a passion to share the experience, place and people with the world. Through writing, blogging & video journalling I will be sharing this journey with you across a number of platforms and channels, so please subscribe via email to make sure you’re getting the latest updates as they happen. 

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One thought on “From Leela to Lesvos: The Next Chapter Begins

  • Hi Anna……I am originally from Australia but I have been living off and on in a mindful community in northern Thailand for the last 2 years. Every 6 months I have ventured home for a visit and have found it is really hard to fit in and can’t wait to get back to Thailand……I don’t think I ever want to live on a treadmill again! Thanks for sharing! 🙂
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