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Well, Imagine my surprise when I woke up one morning to discover I had been nominated for the Liebster Award – surprise mostly because I had never heard of it before, and had no Idea what to do with it.

After careful researching, googling and blog reading, I learnt that it is a bit of a viral thing – getting passed round between blogging newbies. It’s an awesome excuse to introduce yourself to people, and helps bloggers connect with one another. WordingWell  has a fantastic resource that outlines the history & the rules of this award.

Oli & Lucy over at twobackpackateers nominated me the following 11 questions, so here we go!


1) Where did you go on your first holiday?

My first international holiday was as a child to Australia. As an adult.. also Australia! Which, being from New Zealand isn’t particularly far away, but despite how many times I have now been there (and I have been many many times, being a former air hostess) – I still consider Australia an exciting and awesome holiday every time.

2) If your backpack was on fire, what would you save?

I would love to be the rational, logical person who answers with ‘My Passport” or something of similar practical value. Unfortunately though as many times as I tried to type, rephrase and reword, it just wasn’t me. I have a voice in my head reminding me that passports are replaceable, that even though it’s inconvenient to be far away, and without one, there are still always embassies and such things that will help you replace it.

I am a much more sentimental and emotional type person, and the things that holds the most value to me are probably my notebooks. I am pretty good at keeping most of my writing, notes and to do lists on cloud based aps (I can’t live without evernote, and I love remember the milk for my to do’s), but there are still many notes, ideas and thoughts I have each day that slip through the cracks, and I jot down in one of my notebooks. I love writing, and am taking down idea’s at the strangest of places (just today I had to pull over my car and take notes from a podcast I was listening to)

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As a writer I think my thoughts and ideas are much more valuable and harder to replace than any physical possession.

 3) What has been your most uncomfortable nights sleep whilst traveling?

In Kuta Beach, Bali. I loved Bali, and I did it on the cheap – a solo backpacker with a super thin wallet.  One particular night I remember as being the most uncomfortable – physically the bed was fine. It was the not sleeping all night part of the sleep that got me. My hotel was down a long windy road, in the dark, full of trees and bushes. As far as I could tell, nobody else was staying here other than me. It was eerily quiet other than a persistent taxi driver who had taken a liking to me and kept coming to try and take me out for a drink.

I didn’t have any faith in the lock on my door, but luckily I wasn’t entirely alone; I had an army of lizards smothering the walls and ceilings to keep me company, and their chirping lizard songs to listen to as I lay awake all night, in a pool of my own sweat, cursing the broken ceiling fan and jumping at every noise.


4) What’s your ultimate street food?

I am a street food fanatic! From road side BBQ in Fiji to road side tacos in Mexico city, I have some ingrained idea that food sold on the side of the road is superior (well.. more authentic, interesing & flavoursome) than anything that could be found in a restaurant. I’m not sure where I picked up this unusual idea, but it seems to have stuck, and so far I’ve had quite successful results. I am in love with Mexican streetfod, it is definitely my ultamite.

Some yet untasted foods that make my must eat list are Peking Duck, Babi Guling , Authentic Thai, and Malaysian.

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5) Lets talk luggage – front/top loading backpack? Rolling? Carry on only?!

Dream scenario? Carry on only, backpack. This isn’t always viable, and I’m still learning what it is I really want in luggage. But whenever I can get away with it, I love the freedom of carry on only.

6) If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

A dinosaur. I don’t feel the need to justify why..

7) What is your ultimate holiday destination?

Somewhere exciting, exotic, very importantly with a warm climate, and preferably very little English speaking (forcing me out of my language comfort zone). I’m obsessed with Latin American culture too, so maybe somewhere in the Americas.

8) If you could travel with any airline, regardless of cost, which would you pick?

After working as a flight attendant, I no longer get too excited about flying different airlines. I would be interested to give Thai Airways a try, or maybe Lufthansa? But I’m not too picky.


9) Cameras: point & shoot or DSLR? Or just good old iPhone?

I use a Nikon Point and shoot, it’s an awesome camera, but not quite DSLR. I would LOVE a DSLR, and it’s definitely in the budget for the future, just not right yet. I do use my phone occasionally, but generally only for the odd tweet or share.


10) To Instagram or not to Instagram?

I love the idea – but have never really stuck with instagram, I guess I just have so many other social media updates and phone apps going on in my life that as much as I want to love instagram, it always ends up falling to the wayside.


11) How did you choose the name for your travel blog?

Through desperation and agony! As a writer, I thought a blog name would be the easiest part. But, how wrong I was. I struggled for ages, I contemplated naming my blog after myself, I came up with terrible suggestions – translating words into foreign languages, fusing interesting words together – I came up with many horrible, horrible suggestions. Jet Setting & Living Well was actually my partners Idea, and I said in response – Oh, Yeah: I could go with that for now. And so it was born, nothing dramatic, exciting or meaningful – but it works.

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Thanks Lucy and Oli! Now it’s my turn to nominate some bloggers & think up some questions for them ..  here are are my 11 and I am nominating them to:

Juliette at Sensitive Girl Travel

Majesta Zea at  Thereandbackwithsnacks

Amy at Passport love

Morgan at The Misadventures of Morgan



Let’s get to the questions!

1.   How do you fit in writing alongside all the amazing travel you do – do you have a routine around when you write?

2.  How do you fund your travels – lots of savings, odd jobs as you go, blogging alone?

3.  What has been the scariest moment of your travels?

4. What is the most unusual accommodation you have stayed in?

5.  Is there anywhere you have visited that you never had any interest in, but ended up in by chance – and has now become one of your favourite destinations? What made it so unexpected & special?

6. What’s your must have piece of clothing for travel – the one that will always have a home  in your backpack, wherever you are headed?

7. Do you keep travel journal? Not talking about blogs here – about the physical paper kind that you carry around with you.

8. Where to next – what’s the plan? Do you even have a plan?

9. Who has been one of  the most unusual/interesting people you’ve met along the way?

10. Have you had any serious illnesses or injuries while away?

11. And finally.. your favourite travel blog to read?



Thank you to everyone – those who’ve nominated me, those who I’ve nominated.. if anything, I think this is a fantastic way to connect with the community, and to see what new blogging talent is around. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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