Auckland on a budget: 8 Affordable ways to enjoy the city of sails

Auckland stole my heart from the moment I moved up there. Having come from the South Island, it was a whole new world of possibilities. Gorgeous beaches, interesting neighbourhoods and always something going on. But, I know as well as any tourists coming to visit, exploring Auckland on a budget can be quite the challenge.

Have you been dying to visit New Zealand? Perhaps you’ve got a trip all lined-up but people keep telling you how expensive it is? No need to freak out! While it’s true that Aotearoa can be a decidedly budget-hating tourist trap, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the treasures of this beautiful city without leaving a burning hole in your pocket.

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Ultimate Guide to Camping, Trekking & Exploring New Zealand’s South Island | The Freelance Explorer image 1

Ultimate Guide to Camping, Trekking & Exploring New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand’s South Island is one of the most beautiful and easy-going places in the world for a road trip. Simply pack up the car and head off ..with a spot of pre-planning, of course!

On the way out of Christchurch we decided to take the overland route up the South Island. We visited Waipara, Marble Hill, Lewis Pass, Daniels Lake, Kaiteriteri, Nelson, Queen Charlotte Sounds and Blenheim before hopping on the ferry bound for the North Island.

We made tracks through my beautiful homeland in February, on the outer edge of summer. The roads were laden with roadside peach vendors and apple stores outside the orchards, sunny golden beaches and green leafy campsites. Every season brings its own charm to the region with snowy & steaming hot pools in the winter, abundant blossoms in the spring and richly coloured orange and red grapevines in the autumn.


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Travel Reading: 9 Novels that will Transport You to Foreign Lands

What’s your go-to travel indulgence? That thing you do when you become infatuated with yet another destination? It’s no secret that reading a good book can transport you to foreign lands, exotic islands and mythical, far away places. When I become infatuated with a new destination, the first thing I do is turn to Amazon. Likewise, travel reading has sparked in me interests in countries I had never before considered. A good writer will have you engaging all your senses as you journey with them into a foreign destination – leaving you with memories so vivid it’s as if you were there.

Travel Reading: What Makes a Great Book?

I like my books to serve two purposes – I’m not one for beach-reads. I enjoy the odd quick and easy novel occasionally, but I’m a sucker for excellent narrative and addictive writing style. So instead of serving you up a list of trashy holiday destination reads, today’s list is one of travel reading that features incredible storytelling by great authors who really will transport you to exotic countries around the globe. Continue reading