Khlong boat station

Overland Asia Diary #6 The Khlongs of Bangkok

Bangkok: Smoky, greasy, street food vendors; Endless nightlife, neon signs, flashing billboards; Towering skyscrapers, space-age technology, skytrains and crowded metros. Endless nightclubs, sex tourism, party central, A city that never sleeps. Whatever your preconceptions and experiences of Bangkok are, the city was a hell of a lot different way-back-when. A land of floating markets and […]

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Exploring the most spectacular of beaches in Ao Nang Photo by Flo

Overland Asia Diary #5 Ao Nang, Krabi

As we departed the Phuket region of Southern Thailand, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d been grossly mistaken about this entire corner of the world. So far, nothing in Southern Thailand had been as expected. Even the 6 hour bus journey, which I would usually dread, was deliciously scenic & suspiciously comfortable. Finding the right […]

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