A Day Off at Royal Park Rajapruek | The Freelance Explorer image 8

A Day Off at Royal Park Rajapruek

Since we arrived in Chiang Mai we have been working hard. ¬†Other than dinners and the odd class or socialise, we haven’t done anything too touristy, just knuckled down and tried to complete some of our jobs and projects. Our current apartment is fantastic, Chiang Mai itself is wonderful, however being a bit city it […]

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100 Faces Project Faces 8-10

Drawing is such a mind-opening and peaceful practice. On this particular day I was battling some of my own anxieties and demons. I think some of my emotions came out in the faces of my characters, and in some way these faces absorbed much of my confusion and unhappiness in the moment, leaving me feeling […]

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The 100 Faces Project Faces 6 & 7 | The Freelance Explorer image 3

The 100 Faces Project Faces 6 & 7

I have been dying to play with ink for quite some time now, so for my second round of faces I finally had a good play with it. What you need to follow along: Eye droppers/pipettes of varying sizes – I used one medium eye dropper, and one much narrower one resembling a syringe, but […]

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