5 Wanderlust Pinterest Accounts

( for a Serious Dose of Wanderlust)

Pinterest is the ultimate designation when it comes to getting lost in delicious eye candy. Whether your holiday planning or simply daydreaming, Pinterest is a great stopover to check out some new places, or maybe some old ones in a new light. I don’t know about you, but scrolling through endless vistas of exotic locations is my idea of a guilty pleasure.

In fact, I find myself so completely absorbed in Pinterest that I could easily loose hours (or perhaps even days) falling deeper and deeper into a massive hole of drooling, wanderlusting procrastination.

In this article I’m going to introduce you to 5 of my favourite Pinterest Acccounts for a serious dose of wanderlust, just in case you feel like joining me in one of my favourite hobbies. Did I miss a good one? I’d love to know what your favourites are! So jump in on the comments at the bottom.

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How my travel insurance saved the day

Have you ever made any totally irresponsible decisions? You know, the kind that seem like no-big-deal at the time, but in retrospect were a terrible idea? Mine was traveling without travel insurance. Not purposefully, mind you. But it’s still not very smart, to say the least.

Luckily, this isn’t a horror story. Those few times when my insurance lapsed, where long-term travel got the better of me and I forgot to renew it, in those moments I got lucky and nothing too bad happened. When I did get struck down by illness in India, thankfully I was covered – albeit by a travel insurance company I had never tested before, one of which has mixed reviews online. So, what happened?

Choosing the Right Travel Insurance Company

Selecting travel insurance can prove a challenge. It’s one of those things that you (hopefully) rarely need to use, and sits as a safety net in the background while you travel. However, when things go wrong, they can go really wrong. In fact, over on the World Nomads blog they’ve got an awesome selection of customer disaster stories, if you’re in the mood for a good tale!

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Travelling Sleeper Class in Rajasthan

How do you prepare for travelling sleeper class in an exotic country? Chances are you might not have laid eyes upon something as well-run and efficient, yet so insane and chaotic, as the Indian railways.  In true Indian style their railways, like everything else, are a land of contrasts.
As dusk started to take hold we were barreling out through the outskirts of the New Delhi slums. The evening breeze coming in through the windows cooled the muggy carriage air and the elderly Indian lady began reading my book along with me over my shoulder. Life is for sharing in India, and time spent on the trains highlights exactly that. Young men played cards on the higher berths, leaning over my head to pass playing cards to one another and high-school kids jostled to get selfies taken with me – something I got told later they would probably use to prove to their friends they now had a wealthy Westerner friend or girlfriend.

During my time in Northern India I spent around 40 hours navigating the overnight Rajasthan railway systems, and I can happily report I had (mostly) wonderful experiences, and it was the best way to really experience Indian culture and life. The key is to be well prepared in advance, and know what to expect. It makes all the difference, and seriously arms you for an enjoyable rail journey around the state of Rajasthan (or anywhere in India, for that matter!) 

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