Update: On Becoming a Freelancer

Scribbling stories away in exercise books at the age of four, stories about cartoon characters, superheroes and my mother (Who is very similar to a super hero in fact!), counting down on my fingers and toes until the day I would turn five and get to start school. Fast forward 24 years .. I’m still […]

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Dreaming of Living in Auckland? | The Freelance Explorer image 4

Dreaming of Living in Auckland?

When asked to point it out on a map, many people have no idea where New Zealand is – let alone Auckland. Some think it is conjoined to Australia, that it’s part of Asia, or even nestled away in the depths of Europe.  The success of  ‘Lord of the Rings’ and the hilarious ‘Flight of […]

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Eating Bucket List | The Freelance Explorer image 2

Eating Bucket List

Food has always motivated me to explore – one of my earliest memories of wanting to travel was because I wanted to know how different tropical fruits tasted from the ones at my local supermarket. Since then I have traveled around searching for interesting new foods to try,  and I have tasted some amazing things […]

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