The 100 Faces Project Faces 1-5

A big part of my motivation to travel, and to free myself of the dreaded 9-5, was to allow myself space and time for my own creativity to flourish. In the past I have had loads of involvement in art, music and other creative pursuits, however throughout the lifestyle of a middle class worker, I […]

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Celebrating Sat Thai with Krayasart | The Freelance Explorer

Celebrating Sat Thai with Krayasart

The sound of pounding can be heard across the villages of Thailand this time of year, as local communities gather together to commemorate the lives of those who’ve passed. The 24th September  is Sart Thai (or Sart Thai) Festival. It is traditional in Thailand to celebrate with large parades in the south, and more subtle celebrations […]

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Quirky Delicacies of South East Asia

Frog’s legs in France, huhu grubs in New Zealand, every country has its own version of a wild food. South East Asia is no exception, with an extraordinary number of exciting dishes that lure huge numbers of tourists every year – and send just as many running for the hills. Whatever your take on exotic […]

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