Travel Photo Monday: George Town Ruins

I’m writing to you from a cosy cafe as I wait out the torrential rain and booming cracks of lightening that have become a daily experience recently here in Penang. As it turns out, Penang’s average temperature barely changes throughout the year – It is either hot and dry, or hot and wet. 

For today’s travel photo Monday photo-essay I wanted to share the sometimes gorgeous, often unsettling occurrence of abandoned and derelict old colonial houses dotted around the central city of Penang.


George Town Ruins


George town is full of surprises. An architectural blend of historical colonial buildings juxtaposed by flashy condominiums popping up all around.


George Town Ruins

The streets of George Town provide no shortage of colourful abandoned buildings, left behind from a past era of British colonisation. 


Georgetown Ruins


Even amongst the plethora of modern office buildings and condominiums you’ll spot these forgotten about constructions peeking out. George Town Ruins

The run-down whitewashed walls and crumbling colonial heritage leave George town with a rustic feel. No wonder it’s a UNESCO world heritage zone. 

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