In November 2014 I sold my things, left my job and hopped on a one way flight to Bangkok. Since then, I have been documenting my travels, struggles, highs and lows as I work my way around the world as a digital nomad, explorer and freelance writer. This page is my travelogue, in reverse chronological order, where I document in brief where my travels have taken me. (hint: Follow the links sprinkled throughout to read more)

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Where?: Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Portugal & Azores, UK, Rome, India, Nepal, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

November: I traveled from Kathmandu down to Kolkata, India for my last two weeks of Asia before heading home to New Zealand via Hong Kong.

October: October began in Rishikesh, Northern India. After that I traveled up into Nepal where I spent time in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Nagarkot

September: In early september I spent 3 glorious days gorging myself on Italian food in Rome, Italy, before flying out to New Delhi, India, where I spent the rest of the month exploring the Indian state of Rajasthan

August: August was spent enjoying the late summer and early Autumn of the beautiful Dorset, in Southwestern Britain.

July: I spent the beginning of July exploring Southern Spain, checking out Seville then briefly Malaga, before flying out to the UK for a spot of house sitting.

June: After leaving Faial, Azores, I returned to Mainland Portugal to join another Workaway project at a retreat centre in the South of Portugal

May: In May I visited Madrid, Spain for a few days, then caught the train east to Santiago on the Northeast Coastline of Spain. From there I met up with a friend to pass a couple of weeks traveling in a motorhome down the east coast of Spain and Northern Portugal. In mid May I flew over to the Azores Islands, 1000miles off the coast of Lisbon to house & horse sit.

April: In April my time was up in Greece, and I moved up into Bulgaria where I spent time in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo and Pavlekini on a Workaway. For my last few days in Eastern Europe I moved up to Romania where I explored the fascinating city of Bucharest.

January – March: Throughout the beginning of 2016, I spent 3 months living in Greece and volunteering in the midst of the refugee crisis. I spent a month on the Island of Lesvos, then 2 months coordinating medical volunteers around the Idomeni camp at the Greece/Macedonia border.

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Where?: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, France, United Kingdom

September – December: I spent the autumn & some of winter of 2015 in the United Kingdom, mostly in Dorset and the Forest of Dean.

July – August: Took off to Europe to spend the summer in France. Beginning in Paris and spending the rest of the time in Le Bugue, South of France.

May & June: After traveling down from Penang to Singapore, stopping in Melacca, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, we went home  to New Zealand to visit friends and family for a couple of months.

Febuary – April: Three months spent living in Penang, Malaysia. First exploring George Town, then settling to live at Bodhi Heart Sanctuary on the Penang jungle hillside to live surrounded by monkeys and learn about Buddhism & meditation.

January: Continued to live in Chiang Mai, moving from Hillside 4 Condo over to Riverside Condo.



Where?: Thailand

December: Traveled North, stopping in Sukhothai, then eventually living in Chiang Mai, and exploring around the Northern Thailand region.

November: Arrived from Auckland into Bangkok and traveled South to Prachuap Khiri Kahn, Thailand