What’s Hiding in the Streets of George Town – Travel Photo Monday

Preface: I am borrowing an idea here. Thank you to Noel of travelphotodiscovery.com for inspiring me to complete my own ‘Travel Photo Monday’ regular piece, featuring a some-what photo essay of my travels. Each Monday a new theme – if you’re reading this and want to join along, then join me in this travel-photo-essay of sorts and I will give you a link back.

Central George Town is a curious place.  Protected as Unesco World Heritage Site, this homage to old-world Asia fuses almost seamlessly with derelict, and occasionally restored colonial architecture. Amongst the mish-mash of gutted old buildings, facade-less villas and glorious temples, the walls of central George Town tell a story of their own.

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Armenian Street in the heart of George Town is famed for it’s selection of cleverly crafted street art, although finding this popular tourist street is not the only way to spot a selection of sidewalk scribbling or back-street masterpieces.


Pounding the pavements of Georgetown on a searingly hot mid-afternoon day, you could be forgiven for thinking that Penang is an abandoned relic of times passed. Many of the side streets are empty, and all building entrances in darkened and cooled by heavy shutters. It is hard to imagine the bustle, vibrancy and aromas that spill out into this cultural melting pot each evening – once the heat of the day subsides, of course.

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George Town’s street art is a varied & vibrant as it’s culture. A dizzying blend of old vs new, and an insight into the blurred lines where graffiti melds from tagging into art.


Each alleyway reveals a new splash of colour, thought or contemplation. An interesting story waiting to be told.


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